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79% of small & medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in India are juggling more than one role within their business – you can bet, that includes managing the marketing and growth. Even when they’re light on internal skills, most SMEs consider employing professionals, or outsourcing marketing services, a huge drain on their resources. At the same time, Big brand marketing and advertising agencies, shy away from SMEs, burning deep holes with their creative and consulting fees and not adding much to their top line.
Nirvana’s work with India’s top 20 Companies and Multi National Corporations, some of whom target, Small and Medium Business Owners as customers, offered us an unique insight into the average Indian SME. Our focus on enabling SMEs across 12 sectors and 26 industry segments, achieved great results and gave us the confidence to work with SMEs on an agency fee or success fee model.
Regardless of size and scope, we treat your Enterprise like a big Brand business with clear strategic goals, defined milestones and a comprehensive plan with precision execution, to ensure that your growth plan is delivered on time and in budget. Our reasonable creative and consulting charges or fees on success and minimalist budget spends has catapulted us into an enviable Market Leadership position.
We enable your vision in 4 steps, understanding your business, focussing on your challenges and planning for strategic support to your goals. We have completed over 330 projects as on 1st January 2016, for Large and Small Companies. Here's a small snapshot of what we can achieve by following and implementing the vision of our clients.

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